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    SR&ED Claim Creation Process

    First Meeting

    1 – 4 hours

    Meet your SR&ED Analyst. Discuss qualifying projects. Provide financial documentation to your Analyst such as financial statement, T4s, T4As, and relevant materials invoices.

    Analyst prepares draft technical and financial reports.

    We provide access to and training on SR&ED Proof.

    2 – 4 weeks


    meeting or conference call

    Analyst asks for samples of qualifying financial and technical evidence

    1 Hour

    Discuss or confirm technical details of the project. Confirm project expenses.

    Analyst finializes financial and technical reports and sends it to you for approval

    1 – 2 Weeks


    Review and approve reports and claim value.

    Analyst prepares government claim forms and obtains your signature.

    1 Week

    Sign official tax and consent forms.

    Claim is submitted to your accountant or to CRA directly

    AAF/Audit Process

    CRA returns an opinion on the claim, either AAF or audit.

    60 Days

    RFI is issued by CRA.


    Bond works with you to respond to request for Information.

    30 Days


    CRA initiates a full technical and/or financial audit.


    Bond prepares you, and we are there to represent you.

    3 – 6 Months

    CRA issues NOA or FTCAS letter.


    Your SR&ED application has been approved.


    CRA issues Refund


    Bond provides detailed reconciliation to show you the tax credits applied to your corporate account.

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