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    The Bond methodology is unique in the industry. We prepare SR&ED applications in a variety of sectors such as Medical, Agriculture, Information Technology, Computer Science, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Food Development. Our SR&ED Analysts are trained to evaluate SR&ED claims with scientific validation and financial statement analysis, based upon your firm’s technology and industry.

    SR&ED and Documentation go hand in hand. Bond provides you with a user-friendly online documentation tool SR&ED Proof, coupled with manual log books for the creation of authentic documentation which is preferred by the government. These tools are complemented by our Documentation Analyst who will assist you throughout the year to maintain your records. Documentation can be a chore, but your claim can be subject to penalty if you don’t do it. Bond takes documentation and evidence management seriously, but, we do our best to make it easier for you.

    In the case of audit or review of any government application, Bond Consulting’s team is there to offer evidence support services, to reduce the administrative and paper burden when responding to the government.



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